Rotary District 7070
Wednesday October 27th 2021
Anthem:        N/A

Grace:        N/A

Toast to the Queen, Canada and Rotary: President Danny
Attendance:    12
Guests:  2  
David's guests : Todd Straus and Joe Raine ( Speakers )
imageDavid  Seemungal introduced the speakers, Joseph Raine and Todd Straus of Faith Life Financial, who gave a presentation on Charitable Giving - Building an Endowment.  
David  has known Joe and Todd for quite a while, Joe Began career in financial services 2014,  he has passion for coaching, mentoring. Todd has over 17 years in the industry,  and worked for 3 companies at that time.
David talked about the  options for building a club endowment in our club's charitable foundation. A first step to learning about innovative ways to build a legacy while providing sustainable funding for our club's community work in these challenging times. 
He also touched on Charitable Giving Strategy , cost effective approach, endowment, reasons, taxes issues  and options,
Joe expanded on Charitable Giving ( donation ), different ways of donating, strategy and gifts, what motivates people such as Tim Horton and McDonald etc.
How their company contributes to the financial gives back.
FaithLife Financial is based in Waterloo, in business for nearly 100 years, and has donated $54 million since 1972 giving to the local community and worldwide.
Products that help charitable organizations include unique members' benefits; help local community charities through financial donation and/or volunteering.
Todd explained how the donation through the insurance works, with scenarios  to show the increase in the amount
Danny thanked Ron for a thorough and informative presentation.
 Arthur Retnakaran, Community Services Committee: The committee will meet on Wednesday October 27th, at 7:30 PM.
Dhanni announced  a donation of $7000 from Anthony Lippa of CHAMP Engineering. 


imageSergeant at Arms:  Arthur asked for Happy Thoughts.

Arthur:  happy to be at Peter's Board meeting though the GPS gave confused directions to get there. Arthur returned home late at night  as he followed his GPS to Pickering instead of North York. Guerd, Dhanni and Barry shared their experience with the GPS incidents.
Mandy:  ?
Gordon:  happy to be there at the Pub's night.
Dave:  happy that his nephew got married, with mother to Kingston; enjoyed going to Casa Roma with his granddaughter.
Dhanni:  likes baseball more than other games.
Gerd :    likes fellowship, happy to see people eating, meeting Peter and Joan at the Board Meeting.
Frank: He enjoyed the  football games very much.
Alan:  happy to be with the grandchildren.
Barry:  He enjoyed the Monday night meeting at Peter’s place, he’s babysitting his granddaughter while his son and wife we’re in Berlin. Barry said Happy Birthday to Gerd.
Danny:  Happy that his wife is home from her week away with their grandchildren in Ottawa
Dr Beauty: her husband is in Africa and had an online celebration.
Saifoo: is happy to see Rising Sun Food Drive Foundation's volunteers working hard for the  Food Drive.
President Danny adjourned the meeting, thanked those attending, and wished everyone a good week ahead.
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