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Kick Start Arts
Rotary Club of North Scarborough
Meeting of May 3, 2023, by Dhanni Ramdeen
Chair: President Courtney Fisher open the meeting and read the land Acknowledgement
Anthem:   Alan Meredith
Toast:   To the King, Canada and Rotary:  Courtney Fisher
Attendance: 12 including the guest speaker, Sheena D. Robertson
  • Barry Smith – International Services Group meeting on Tuesday, May 9th at Remezzo Restaurant at 6:00 pm
  • Rocco Colangelo: Club Services Group meeting on Monday, May 8th at the Coach House or Southside Restaurant in Markham at 6:30 pm.
  • Dave Hardy: Mayoral Debate on May 24th.  needs a Volunteer Coordinator.
Program: "Kick Start Arts"
Peter Masson introduced the guest speaker, Sheena Robertson, a Director at Kick Start Arts, who is here to tell us more about the program.
Kick Start Arts is a non-profit grass-root organization that operated through funding from various sources such as Ontario Trillium Foundation and Toronto Arts Council. Their mission is to use multiple art forms to engage and empower youths and adults to express themselves through the creative process.
One of their major initiatives they worked on was the Regent Park Project where they offer free training in acting, screen writing, directing and production classes.  Other projects include Joyful initiative, music, drama and dance, visual arts, creative writing. For more information, you can visit
Please follow link to hear Sheenas' MP3 Audio Presentation
Mike Mushet thanked the speaker to inform our club about the work Kick Start Arts is doing.
Barry Smith – only happy bucks.
  • Gerd Wengler – At the inventor of throat lozenges funeral, no one cough. (haha)
  • Peter Masson - May 4th is their anniversary.
  • Arthur – told a joke with no punch line (ha?).
President Courtney then terminated the meeting