Rotary District 7070
NSRC Bulletin June 22 , 2022
President Danny
National Anthem:
Peter Masson
Toast to the Queen:
14 members
 Dorothy Evans past president of Markham Sunrise
President Danny: Announced there is a board meeting next Monday, Jun,e 27 at Remezzo.
Also if anyone else wants to join in as a volunteer at the Humber College for the Jennifer Jones visit, plecall Dannycall for available time slots.  
Farewell to Outgoing President Danny Cassidy.
Sergeant at Arms:
Basil Dias took the control of the meeting, telling Danny why and how an outgoing president gets roasted in the usual North Scarborough fashion.
The tradition of the North Scarborough Rotary is that the president doesn't get fined for any wrongdoing during the year, but this is the time he gets judged by all of us, whether he should be praised for how well he has done or charged for any wrongdoing.   
Basil called upon the attending members one by one to express their comments.
  • Gerd Wengler - Danny has done so well; we should consider tipping him for the good service, not charge.
  • Mike Mushet - Danny made it easy to serve him.
  • Mandy - A job well done.
  • Saifoo - Thank you Danny for all the support on everything.
  • Arthur - Danny was always there - done a wonderful job.
  • Gordon - Done a Remarkable job.
  • Alan - Danny was always busy, but did always return phone calls.
  • Rocco - Danny attended everyone's group meeting which it's not easy to do.
  • Peter - Was a pleasure to have you as president!
  • Dhanni - All things done well plus the 'Bike Rides'
  • Franks - Everything was done perfectly, you have been a brilliant president.
  • Courtney - You are giving me a template on how to be a good president.
  • Basil - I am happy you were 'Roasted in a Nice Way'
Danny thanked everyone for their comments, adding,
'Everyone made it easy for me to be president'. 
 President Danny then closed the meeting.
 Please follow the attached Video/MP3 audio link for the full program.






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