Rotary District 7070
NSRC Bulletin May 25, 2022
Chair:    President Danny Cassidy
Toast to the Queen, Canada, and Rotary: Led by President Danny
Anthem:  Rocco


Eleven members, there was one guest Sean Ho, today's speaker. 


After the meeting, Peter announced that he was heading to R.H. King Collegiate to present a scholarship award to a very deserving young lady. Making the award with him will be Teresa, the daughter of our own Steve Zelinski, who died at 100 years old.
Danny announced that the April board meeting would be at Remezzo's restaurant Monday the 30th of May.  He also announced that he would be sending out information on the visit of Jennifer Jones on July our district. Volunteers are needed.
Danny mentioned his weekend visit to the district conference in Oshawa, which was well organized. Shared a table with Basil and Dorothy and got to exchange information with other Rotarians, which led to clubs joining us on a grant proposal put forward by Barry's international group, dealing with a Ukraine children's center in Poland.
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Sai Foo introduced today's speaker:
Sean Ho from Arbour Memorial Funeral Homes.
Sean talked about preparations needed to reduce stress when a loved one has to make funeral arrangements.
Apart from personal wishes like burial or cremation, many other items need to be addressed, such as:
Is there a will?
Has the will been updated?
Who is the lawyer?
Who is the executor?
Is there easy access to:
Bank account information, possibly online log-ins
Safety deposit box key location or password.
Passwords for social media, vendors, licenses, etc
Insurance policy information.
Please look at the video link to hear his entire presentation, which gives everything needed in great detail. :
Alan thanked the speaker on behalf of the club for a very detailed presentation. Alan is one of the members who, for over 20 years, has already made the arrangements outlined by Sean.
Because of time and Arthur's pending talk on Monkey Pox, Gerd elected to fine anyone who knew anything about Monkey Pox. Dave commented, and as that was the only comment, he was immediately fined. After deciding that no one else in the room knew of Monkey Pox and being Rotarians and would not lie, Gerd then graciously gave up the floor to Arthur.
Arthur's talk on Monkey Pox.
Arthur gave a fascinating talk on Monkeypox. You can hear the talk by clicking on this link.
Unfortunately while the display worked in the room, it did not come out on the recording. The P.P presentation is at this link.
With that, President Danny ended the meeting and wished everyone a good week ahead.
Editor's note: Apologies for the lateness of the bulleting.


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