Rotary District 7070
NSRC Bulletin July 6, 2022
Attendance: 10 “in person” including Guest Speaker and 2 on zoom.
Guests: 1 (Joan Masson)
Anthem: Peter Masson
Grace: N/A
Toast to Queen, Canada and Rotary: President Courtney Fisher
1.) Gordon: Reminded everyone about the Fireside Meeting on July 13th in Markham. Please register for the meeting.
2.) Barry: International Committee meeting reminder this week.
 Editor: Both meetings were cancelled due to COVID concerns
Sergeant at Arms:  Cancelled due to time constraints.
Speaker: Lars Henriksson – “Future Visioning of Rotary”
            We had the privilege of listening to a very distinguished Rotarian, Lars Henriksson. Originally from Sweden, attended the University of Alberta (1978), came to Toronto in 1982 and was the Honorary Consul General for the Swedish Consulate. He is the President of Norditrade which facilitates Scandinavian companies conduct business in Canada. He was the District Governor from 2004 to 2005.
            It was a relaxed, talk much like a Fireside Chat, recalling the reflections of Rotary of the past leading to the future. “The more things change, more remains the same!” he said. Rotary has 1.2 million members worldwide and if we include the Rotaract, it becomes 1.5 million and is the world’s largest charitable organization. Paul Harris was from a small town and when he started the Rotary Club in 1905 did not want another Law Society but include members from different professions. Even he had a retention problem when one of the 4 original members left the organization! In 1917 the first International Meeting was held in Kansas City, Missouri and is a milestone in the history of the Rotary Organization. In 1970 a Rotary Club in California admitted 3 women for the first time. The club was shut down by the Rotary organization! But the Supreme Court forced them to reopen the club and thus ended the male chauvinism!  It is fitting that Jennifer Jones is the 2022 Rotary International President!  In 1920 a Rotary Club in Winnipeg was established. Recruitment and retention have been a perennial problem that has plagued us in the past and hounding us at the present.  We had a lively discussion at the question –answer session including a German translation for “Out House”!
Danny Cassidy thanked Lars for a reflective and pleasant presentation.
President Courtney thanked everyone for attending and ended the meeting wishing everyone a “bon weekend”.



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