Rotary District 7070
November 30, 2022
Attendance: 11 members
Visitors: 6, Visiting Rotarian from India Lakshmanan Ramannagounder, his wife Sarasu, and his son Rajesh who interpreted for him. Courtney's wife, Sandra, Speaker
Jamaal Myers, Councilor for Ward 23 Scarborough, and his associate Brian.
Chair: President Courtney
Anthem: Frank
Toast to King, Canada, and Rotary by President Courtney
Lakshmanan presented the club with a flag from his home club in India, His son Rajesh gave us a rundown of the club's various charitable efforts. Lakshmanan is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow.
Danny announced that the Furnace Auction was circulated to Rotarians in the GTA and the Scarborough Business Association. He asked members to try to send this message to their friends and acquaintances.
Jamaal Myers, Councilor for Ward 23 Scarborough
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President Courtney introduced Jamal as someone he has worked with in the past and has had many conversations concerning the local community's current needs.






Jamal Myers, 39, is one of the council's youngest members and a lawyer who holds degrees from the University of Western Ontario, the London School of Economics, and the New York University School of Law.

He described himself as a community organizer and advocate focused on investing in local people and businesses.

"After law school, I practiced corporate law in New York City for over four years. But I never forgot my roots. I always wanted to create opportunities in Scarborough like those I had, so I came home," "For over a year, I volunteered as a grassroots community organizer in Scarborough. I worked with residents and community groups to address local challenges such as access to health care, transit, affordable housing, and good jobs."

Jamal said that as a community advocate, he's "delivered measurable results that have enhanced the quality of life in Ward 23," including helping to lead the coalition that secured funding for the Eglinton East LRT and helping to get affordable homes built quickly in Scarborough as a volunteer with HousingNowTO.

Jamal took some time to talk about the passing of our member and past counselor for ward 23, Cynthia Lai. While they did not always agree, he felt they had the same drive to help the community of Scarborough North.


Danny asked Jamal's opinion on SHN having to come up with the unusual step of creating an advertising campaign, " Love Scarborough," to make people aware of the unfair distribution of funds to SHN. Jamal agreed that funding distribution negatively affects SHN and thought the campaign was very well done. 

Dhanni asked about the new powers given to City Mayors in Bill 39. Jamal thought giving this ability to what would amount to a minority of the council was undemocratic.

Frank asked Jamal what he felt was his biggest challenge. Jamal feels that voter apathy and apathy, in general, is a major hurdle, with 50% of voters not showing up to vote in the last election.

Mike Thanked Jamal for his excellent presentation.


To hear Jamal's presentation, please click on this link:



Jamal made a certificate presentation to President Courtney and our club.













Barry didn't want to give out any fines, so he just went straight to Happy Bucks.

Courtney then terminated the meeting.
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