Rotary District 7070
2023 Christmas dinner


President Avrum opened the meeting and read the land recognition.

Arthur led us in the National Anthem.

Avrum gave a toast to King, Canada, and Rotary.

Gerd presented Avrum with a cheque from his Company - Park Property Management for $2,000

18 Members and Guests in attendance. Avrum introduced his wife Vicki. Barry his wife Glennys, Basil introduced Dorothy, Dave his wife Judy, Gordon his wife Susan, Danny his wife Ruth, and Avrum - Michael Conway from Agincourt and Past President of our Club Donna Ryce.

President Avrum then gave us a history of Hannukah. Vicki and Avrum gave out donuts – known as sufganiyot. He and Vicki had brought a small Menorah and lit the candles – by the end of the meeting they had all burned out.

Celebrating Hanukkah amid the Israel-Hamas war

“I wanted to share a little info on the Hannukah story, the Jewish Festival of Lights:

• Hannukah runs for 8 days and it celebrates the Jewish victory over the Syrian-Greek regime of Antiochus, in the second century BCE, during the time of the Second Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

• The Greeks attempted to Hellenize the Jews and abolish key the Jewish practices of Shabbat, and Torah study and circumcision– under penalty of death.

• But a small band of the devout, led by Matisyahu the Priest and his son Judah Maccabee, led a successful rebellion/today likely called guerilla warfare against them… and after three years, against incredible odds, the Maccabees miraculously defeated the superpower of that time.

When they recaptured the Temple, they wanted to re-light the Menorah/the Jewish candelabra …they searched the entire Temple but found only one jar of pure oil bearing the seal of the High Priest. That small jar of oil miraculously burned for eight days straight, until a new supply of oil could be brought – hence the eight days of Hanukkah.

We light the menorah for the eight days of Hanukkah to commemorate the miracle.

• A menorah is lit in every household, and also in the synagogue.

• Special blessings are recited when we light the menorah.

• We also spin the dreidel (sivivon in Hebrew), a four-sided top with a Hebrew letter on each side… a game for children.

• On Hanukkah, we commemorate the miracle of the oil by eating foods cooked with oil…these include fried potato pancakes or Latkes & great homemade doughnuts, sufganiyot.

• Many also have the custom of sharing gifts, giving Hanukkah "gelt" (money or foil-covered chocolate coins) to children.

And there you have it”

LADIES’ CHRISTMAS LUNCH – Church Fullerton CA | Calvary Chapel ...

As this was a Christmas Lunch there was no speaker but Dave Hardy had brought his guitar and led us in some ‘Christmas Sing-Alongs’, some of which were Frosty The Snowman, We Three Kings, The First Noel, Come All Ye Faithful and quite a few others.

Gerd told a Christmas Story of how he and Dorothy had invited some friends over and they all read the Christmas Story in their ‘other’ language. So there was English, German, Serbian, and Mandarin. Gerd commented that this was typically Canadian being so diverse. Gerd also told a joke - something about Santa not really liking chimneys because he is Claustrophobic!!


Basil was the SAA today and with keeping the spirit of the season he didn’t fine anyone but just asked for Happy Bucks.

Susan donated as she was happy to have been at three Rotary events within one week.

Danny donated for the same reason.

Donna for having been at two within five days.

Gordon donated as we were happy we had the Christmas Party on Saturday which was well attended and was the first one for 4 years.

Arthur was happy as his son, who works at Mount Sinai Hospital had been awarded a grant of $500k for Diabetes research.


There being no further business, President Avrum wished everyone ‘Happy Holidays and closed the meeting.


Please note – there are no more lunch meetings until January 3rd 2024.

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