Rotary District 7070
One Source Moving Solutions
 Chairperson: President Courtney Fisher
Attendance: 12, including 1 guest of Basil, Ralph Jones, former District Governor. 
Anthem: Peter Masson
Toast to the King, Canada, and Rotary: President Courtney
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Profile photo of Nicole Ridley
Speaker: Nicole Ridley, CEO of “Moving Solutions,” was introduced by President Courtney.
Her Company organizes the moving of families from one home to another, especially older folks downsizing or moving to Retirement Homes. They provide a quote for the entire process of moving from organizing, packing, moving, removal of debris, auctioning or getting rid of unwanted items, and entering the new premises that is turnkey ready. The cost is based on $60/hour/person, and the entire move from beginning to end is provided. They are fully insured, and the personnel has all been background checked by police.  There was a lively discussion on the various problems related to moving, and Nicole addressed them all very well. Dhanni thanked her for her lively presentation.
For Nicole's presentation, please click on this link:
Announcements: Arthur had a couple of announcements –
  1. List of volunteers for the distribution of mittens etc., for the warm hands, project, which will take place on Wednesday, 2nd of November, after the luncheon meeting. Each volunteer will receive 1 bag containing mittens, toques, and socks and 1 box of hand sanitizers (Donated by Courtney on behalf of the Rising Sun Foodbank to our Club) per school. We are distributing these items to 21 schools, and we will have 21 bags + 21 boxes of Hand Sanitizers. Arthur and Courtney will coordinate the distribution at the parking lot in Aurora Court. Peter, Barry, Courtney, Rocco, Basil, Danny, Dhanni, Saifoo, Gordon, and Frank are the volunteers, and each will distribute the items to either 2 or 3 schools. If anyone is absent, another person who lives close to the person can pick up the bags and boxes and deliver it to the individual. A sheet with details of the distribution will be provided with each bag and box.
  2. We are in the process of preparing a brochure for the club and Arthur would like some interesting pictures to be included. So if you have any interesting pictures, please send them to Arthur with a descriptive caption.
Basil had an announcement about a former member Charles, and he is going to pick him up and bring him to our luncheon meeting. He also made a pitch for Nicole Ridley to join our club since there are quite a few candidates for downsizing their residence. She had a positive response.
Danny is planning to send a circular regarding the auction of a furnace, including installation.
Sergeant at Arms:  Arthur collected contributions from all the attendees, and they all had interesting stories to tell and contributed generously.
President Courtney wished everyone a happy week and ended the meeting.
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