Rotary District 7070
NSRC Bulletin Oct, 13. 2021
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Toast to the Queen, Canada and Rotary: President Danny
Basil’s guest, Dorothy Evans Past President of Markham Sunrise Rotary Club.
Danny’s guest Vipul Dalal who is a member of the Bombay Metropolitan Club in Mumbai, India.
Vipul described some of the activities of his club which includes Global Grant Projects, Foundation support to a tune of more than 1 million dollars, Building 250 toilet facilities in villages surrounding Mumbai, Training Dialysis Technicians offering a 3 year course, Cataract surgery and providing free guest houses for cancer patients who come from outside Mumbai among others.
Peter’s guest, his wife Joan;
Courtney’s guest Joyce Yang who joined as a student and has continued to work at the Food Bank.
Basil introduced the speaker, Steve Rutledge of the Whitby club.
See the source imageHe said that Steve received the “ Bob Scott award for Disease Prevention”. Steve’s quote, “Be the Inspiration”.   Steve has worked in Port Hope, Whitby, Lebanon and is currently working on “Adopt a Village” in Laos and is going to speak about his work.
      Steve started his presentation with a video embedded with a beautiful piece of Laotian music. He mentioned that Laos was heavily bombed during the Vietnam War and nearly 30% of the population was killed. They are still finding unexploded bombs. This year they worked in the village of Phu Jong where there is no electricity. They built a water supply system for the village of 32,000 with a dam, a multi-stage filtering system and a 6km pipe line. In the past they have built schools along with bathrooms. Their next project is to supply water to another village with an estimated cost of $12,000.
       Arthur thanked him for his fabulous, exotic exploits which we love to hear about. He certainly has put Rotary on the international map. Always a pleasure to have him and listen to the extraordinary work he is doing. For details please open
.There will be no meeting on the 20th of October but we will have a Pub Night on Thursday 21st Oct 2021 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM at Southside Restaurant, 6061 Hwy 7, Markham, ON Canada, L3P 3B2

The Rotary Foundation Walk was on Sunday September 26 in Trenton. Donations to the Rotary Foundation can be made through Treasurer Dhanni at
The district 7070 Tuesday talk next week Oct 26, 2021 7:00 PM  - Oct 26, 2021 8:00 PM will be on "Zooming into Hybrid".  The district has put together a means to invite speakers and members to an in-person lunch via Zoom, including equipment required and setup.
Work is being done on getting back to in-person lunches. Basil, Gordon and Frank have been looking at restaurants. Basil and Gerd have come up with premises we could use in the interim. We are working diligently on this.
World Polio Day is October 24th.  We should all be very proud of the contribution Rotary International has made in the past 35 years. Polio across the world has decreased by 99.9% in that time.

Sergeant at Arms:  Courtney asked for Happy Thoughts.
Courtney:  Courtney thanked North Scarborough Rotary Club for their support of his food drive and members who attended his event last Saturday, Danny, Gordon and Peter.  He mentioned that every speaker present mentioned Rotary in their speeches. One speaker was in fact the MP for North Scarborough  Shaun Chen who told us that he was in fact a previous recipient of a scholarship from the Rotary Club of North Scarborough.
Mandy:  Knows of a family moving to Canada from the Bahamas. She is thank full that canada is such an accepting country. She said "God bless Canada!"
Gordon:  Was happy that everyone is healthy and because of the good weather we have been having he managed to have family over for dinner on the patio.
Basil:  Dorothy had a visit from her brother Norm from Kelowna which made her happy and now she and her sister plan on visiting Norm in Kelowna.
Steve:  Is really happy that the equipment he planned for delivery to the hospital in Beruit can now go ahead. They managed to raise $400,000.00 where Canada groups were the largest contributor.
Dhanni:  Mentioned to Steve that she really enjoyed the background music on his presentation..very soothing. She was also happy that they deviated from their norm on thanksgiving by having curried lamb for dinner.
Gerd is very happy to be a member of the club, meeting with his friends. Went out hiking 41km on the Bruce trail. It was so beautiful.
Frank: had a great thanksgiving dinner cooked by his daughter. Frank normally jokes about her cooking but it seems that her skills have improved as a bright side of COVID.  Kim and Joey put on a fabulous meal.
Alan:  Is happy that we are having a pub night next Thursday.
Barry:  had a great thanksgiving weekend. because of the great weather the pool was open and they had a great time with their grandchildren.
Trudy:  Is grateful for life and the fact that we are all happy.
Vipol. Is happy to be here with his family. he enjoyed being at our meeting to see that concerned people over the world help as much as they can.
Arthur: Wonderful thanksgiving. two separate tables because of his unvaccinated grandson. They had a great feast.
Joyce:  Doing very well in school.
Danny:  Was happy that he spent last week in Ottawa to be with his grandchildren, two of which had their 3rd birthday.  They stayed in the chateau Laurier, visited the city and had a bike ride up the Ottawa river. 
With that Danny ended the meeting and wished everyone a good week ahead.
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