Rotary District 7070
Antarctica Expedition
Posted by Rocco Colangelo
Bulletin: By Barry Smith
Date: February 7, 2024
Attendance: 14 - 11 members and 3 guests (being Joan Masson, guest of Peter Masson, Bette Allison, guest of Frank Allison, and Susan Palmer, guest of Gordon Brown).
Vice President Gordon, as Acting Chair, started the meeting with a ring of the Rotary bell and reading of the Land Acknowledgement.
Anthem: Arthur Retnakaran
Toast to The King, Canada and Rotary

Antarctica Expedition 
Vice President Gordon introduced our speaker, our very own Dave Hardy, who spoke on his exciting trip to Antarctica.
Dave's presentation including slides and videos which gave us a real feel for his journey... without the cold. Dave got a special 65% off deal through his travel agent daughter and son-in-law, who also accompanied him.
In order to get to the cruise dock in Ushuaia, Chile, the southernmost city in the world, Dave had to take 3 flights. Then, he boarded the special cruise ship which took them through the Beagle Canal and across the Drake Passage, a 2 1/2 day journey to the Antarctica Peninsula. On the way, they enjoyed the fields of icebergs, reassured that their ship's hull was Level 2, meaning that it could take a glancing blow from submerged icebergs.
They were in Antarctica for 4 days, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and wildlife. Dave shared with us videos of the Gentoo penguins and Humpback whales. He also shared with us slides of his son-in-law taking a dip in the icy waters, where he remained for 4 minutes, a new record for that location. Dave was also captured in the icy waters, where he remained for 3 seconds. Man, he looked cold!
All in all it was a great presentation, giving those in attendance a rare glimpse at this remote area of the world.
Frank Allison thanked Dave for top quality presentation.
- Rocco announced that there will be a Club Service meeting Monday night at a location to be determined.
- Basil announced that today is Kevin Manuel's birthday!

 Sgt-at-Arms, Al Meredith, collected happy bucks and fines, including:
- Fining Barry for appointing him Sgt-at-Arms.
- Joan Masson was happy with her virtual trip to Antarctica
- Arthur told a joke about 3 Englishmen. (You had to be there to enjoy the humour. It was not appropriate to put into print.) LOL!
- Gerd announced that his wit at the Coachman Pub had improved
- Dave was grateful that he was able to share his trip with his Rotary friends
Vice President Gordon then terminated the meeting.
Scribe: Barry Smith
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