Rotary District 7070
White Elephant sale 2023
Attendance: 11 members
Visitors: 3,
Cheryl Meredith, Judy Hardy  and Judy’s granddaughter Lia
Chair: President Courtney
Anthem: Frank
Toast to King, Canada, and Rotary by President Courtney
Gerd announced that his recent fund-raising efforts for the club included a generous donation of $15,000 from Frank Lippa, and other donations amounting to almost $50,000. Park Property topped it off so that almost $100,000 has been raised this year-end.
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White Elephant Gift Exchange Card Set by Matt D'Ambra —KickstarterAuctioneer Alan Meredith.
When the show finally got going, Auctioneer Alan Meredith began the process of extracting as much money from all attending from their wallets and purses. Gerd volunteered to select the best items for auction. Barry Smith was the record keeper and reported that +/- $300 was extracted in exchange for the many well-wrapped and one gift wrapped in brown paper and exciting “gifts” assembled on the table. Serious bidders were Courtney, Rita, and Cheryl (to the consternation of the auctioneer!) Alan usually started off the bidding inviting $5 bids and kept upping the request for higher bids which typically topped off at $25.
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