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Many studies have established a connection between volunteering and improved health. In the brain, acts of kindness release powerful chemicals like oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine, elevating our mood, increasing reward stimuli, and reducing stress. Compassion evokes lower heart rates and reduces coronary distress. Oxytocin is also connected to social bonding, so as it is released, the ties that bind us are strengthened.
The Rotary Club of North Scarborough donated over $100K to local non-profits in Scarborough this year. Donations were directed primarily to organizations that served the community in the areas of healthcare, alleviating hunger, at-risk youth and providing supports to families in need, including women's shelters. We were fortunate to be able to provide this assistance largely due to the generosity of donations to our club by organizations such as Park Property Management ($100K+), Petro Canada 90 the Queensway and funds raised from our annual Auction.  
Thank you for your support!