The Rotary Club of North Scarborough is supporting The Rotary Club Warszawa Fredrik Chopin with the creation of a children's educational and mental health center in Warsaw Poland.
At this point in time, they are planning to help establish a refugee help center – which will include a daycare center for children, facilities for vocational and language training, psychological help, and even simple medical consultations/procedures. The help center is to be located in the suburbs of Warsaw, in-office facilities that were promised to us to be made available for free or for a very low charge, which is pretty much ready to move in.
They are also involved in the regular supplies of medicines to an old military unit that currently houses refugees and each one of the members is personally involved in supporting the refugees that arrive in Poland in high numbers on a daily basis (just yesterday 31 thousand and in total 2,175 M since the war began). Warsaw population alone is estimated to have increased by 300,000 people, which is 17%. The refugees are 95% women and children, as men in military age are currently not allowed to leave Ukraine.
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