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Rotary's Polant-Ukraine's Inter-country committee worked together to provide a safe place for children of war to heal. "Children who experience violence  can be prone to violence themselves; this program shows them a different path." 
“After such traumas as car crash, natural disasters, [or] wars, people often go to two extremes: Either they stop being afraid of everything or they start being scared of everything. I think these children will belong to the first category,” psychologist and art therapist Olha Hrytsenko said. "A person will always remember the loss of someone whom he or she loved. The task is not to forget but to find the essence of this loss and to learn how to be happy after this."
Anna Kaczmarczyk, a member of the Rotary Club of Zamosc Ordynacki, Poland, is the first person to meet the children when they start their trip.
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