Posted by Danny Cassidy
Chairman: President Gordon Brown
Toast to the Queen, Canada & Rotary: Gordon
Attendance: 15
Guests: 2           Jean Claude Crock. Visiting member and possible transfer.  Speaker Dan Carter
Gordon let us know that the bottle drive is on October 24th at the Agincourt beer store. He has sent an email out to members looking for volunteers. This project relies on volunteers to be successful.
Gerd and Park Property Management. Are helping with collection logistics.
Madhavi would like to know if you are able to attend the District Foundation Walk - for Scarborough - Sunday October 18 and who if any will be accompanying you (two or more legged.)
Gerd also has a District Foundation Walk on the 18th and is looking for donations. Some members have already pledged. Gerd will walk with his wife Dorothy and his dog Sadie. He will let us know how many other members will be allowed to join him.
Donation procedure: E-transfer the donated amount with a note - "Gerd's Foundation walk" to It will auto deposit to the Rotary bank account. No fee to the club.
Dave Hardy
Scarborough club is having a drive through ribfest this weekend at Centennial college ( Sunday now My apologies for the delay. Editor)  starts at 11.00 until 8.00. 4 trucks. Good food !
As we suspected the TV Auction is cancelled for this year. Past supporters will be contacted and if they want to donate they will be directed to the Donate button on the web page. Preparations will continue for next years auction.
Oshawa Mayor Dan Carter

Mayor Dan Carter Mayor Carter struggled with severe dyslexia as a child, leaving him functionally illiterate, and was sexually abused by a stranger at age 8. After his older brother Michael was killed in a motorcycle accident when he was 13, he fell into drug and alcohol addiction, and was homeless for most of his late teens and 20s, but when his sister Maureen gave him an ultimatum at age 31 that it was time for him to either sober up or die, he entered rehab and began to rebuild his life.
Please click on the following link to hear his remarkable story in his own words.
Frank Frank is missing his travel and can't wait until things get back to normal. He really was impressed by Mayor Carter's talk.
Gerd Told a joke about the 2nd world war, Fokkers and Messerschmidts. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! Very funny!
Barry Small renovation job in his house has turned into a big job!
Basil Woke up this morning and took a second breath. Glad to be alive!
Arthur told a joke about marital strife, contract killing and artichokes.
Dhanni Had a great day yesterday. Got to see Gerd in person, which was a pleasant change these days.
Danny was really pleased that Jean Claude attended the meeting. 
Jean Claude really enjoyed the meeting.
Dave Hardy. Business back up and running and gave a lecture yesterday about his book.
Peter. Recommends the supplement in the rotary magazine about Jennifer Jones. The Board of Governors of the University of Windsor
Mike.  Sailing yesterday. Everything went well.
David. Salmon run should be starting soon. He can see it from a new bridge in Morningside Park.
With nothing else for the good of Rotary, Gord ended the meeting wishing everyone a great week.