Posted by Danny Cassidy on Feb 03, 2023
Attendance: 14 members
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Dave Lockhard from PACT
Chair: President Courtney
Anthem: Peter
Toast to King, Canada, and Rotary by President Courtney
Cairo, Egypt: A Local's Guide To Some Underrated Sights - Three ...
Dhanni introduced Navine Yassa, a member of the Rotary Club of Scarborough since 1999
Her passion is working with the International Group, where she was involved in various Global Grants between the Rotary Club of Scarborough and various districts worldwide.
           Navine was instrumental in establishing the Canadian charity ROOTA (Rising Out Of The Ashes), whose main objective is to elevate poverty and enhance education in a marginalized community of trash collectors in Egypt called the Zabaleen. A project our club has been supporting since 2018. Navines first contact with Rotary was through ROTARACT in Cairo, Egypt, where she translated the Rotaract constitution from English to Arabic, published and distributed in the Middle East in 1983. 
           Outside of Rotary, Navine obtained a degree in English literature from the University of Alexandria and another in simultaneous translation from the American University in Cairo. In addition, Navine's extensive work as a fashion coordinator with the wool house in Egypt allowed her to travel worldwide, attending fashion shows. This allowed her to share her knowledge with the Egyptian private and public sectors.
Navine first showed us two videos of interviews with Zabaleen people benefiting from ROOTA. 
She explained the design of the logo. The colors; are yellow for happiness, brown for earth, and green for new beginnings. The Zabaleen came from southern Egypt. They were evicted at least eight times along the way but ended up settling in the hills in a Suburb of Cairo. ROOTA's mission is to help with education and revenue-generating projects. The children are malnourished, and ROOTA is helping provide proper meals for them. The boys mainly sift through the garbage and, in doing so, can get sick. ROOTA is now providing them with gloves which are helping. Navine mentioned that we have helped over the years, and she wanted to show us the impact our help is providing. They are offering the condensed literacy program, which Rotary initially presented in 1983. she showed us the diplomas women have earned, which enables them to continue in higher studies. ROOTA is sponsoring them. Some of the women are attending university. The women are now working with looms, using fabric factories have donated. Sixty-eight women are working in glass recycling, using furnaces donated by Rotary clubs, ourselves included. Included with the furnaces were five hundred to help the children with their education.
In the recycling project, the men go out at 2 am to sift through the garbage, which is then given to the women to sort. Education for the boys suffers because they would rather be working to help out. These are people that we help to help themselves.
The link to the videos Navine presented is here: