Posted by Barry Smith
Attendance: 19 (including 3 guests plus our guest speaker) - Guests were Dorothy Evans (Guest of Basil), Dr. Beauty (soon to be an official member), and Hans Paabor (Guest of Mike Mushet).
Toast: President Gordon
President Gordon introduced Past District Governor and District Grants Sub-Committee Chair, Lars Henriksson, listing many of his numerous and impressive accomplishments. Lars then provided an overview of the Rotary Foundation. The R.I. Foundation has received 4 stars from Charity Navigator, being well known as a top charity in the world.
The Rotary Foundation is now comprised of three funds:
1. The Endowment Fund;
2. Polio Plus; and,
3. The Annual Fund.
Lars explained how global and district grants work, noting that many in our club already know the drill, since we have successfully applied for both over the years. Lars announced that our latest district grant for COVID relief was in the mail.
Lars personalized his slide presentation by including our club’s stats in the presentation, and he had kind words for the excellent work that our club has done over the years, referring to us as a great Rotary Club. To which our President humbly concurred that we are indeed a great club!
The full presentation is available on our YouTube Channel. Please make sure that you visit our YouTube Channel and subscribe to it, plus have your spouse and friends also subscribe. Once we receive 30 subscribers, we can personalize our YouTube address, making it easier for more people to find. Right now we are stuck at a mere 16 subscribers from a club of over 30 members.
David Seemungal  thanked Lars for an interesting and informative presentation.
- Gerd shared a story about Dolly Parton receiving a Paul Harris Fellowship Award at the Montreal Convention several years ago, wherein the dangers involved in pinning the blonde country star was highlighted by Dolly herself! Dolly remarked to the presenter, “Watch where you put the pin. If you put it in the wrong place, I might burst and fly about the room!”
- Al Meredith announced the sad passing of soccer star, Diego Maradona.
President Gordon: has asked for telephone volunteers for the auction. So far only 8 volunteers have come forward so far.
Arthur Has the warm hands packages ready and has asked for volunteers to distribute them.
Sgt-at Arms:
Sgt-at-Arms Mike Mushet drew the following Happy Thoughts from those in attendance:   
- Mike was happy that Hans joined the meeting and is also interested in joining the club.
- Pres. Gordon was happy that Dr. Beauty’s former club has finally released her so that she can join our club.
- Danny is happy that his Rotary Leadership Institute training is going well.       
- Al was happy to have a tea break with Ruth Cassidy last week.
- Gerd was happy to present a donation of $10,000 to the club from Park Property Management.
- Gerd, Arthur and Al told some jokes to entertain the masses.
- Barry displayed the President’s Silver Citation awarded to our club for the 2019-2020 Rotary year.
President Gordon  Closed the meeting..