Posted by Barry Smith on Nov 05, 2021
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A toast to The Queen, Canada and Rotary.  President Danny

Attendance: 17 (including 3 guests, Susan Roper of the Scarborough Twilight Rotary Club, Karen Wilson-Moore, former member of our club, and our guest speaker)
P.P. Basil Dias introduced Susan Endicott, Volunteer Co-Ordinator for SCHC, who spoke to the club mostly on SCHC's Hospice Palliative Care Program, but did provide the background for SCHC, which began as West Hill Community Services in 1977. West Hill Community Services was involved in several community support programs, such as Meals-On-Wheels; however, at present under the banner of SCHC its services have expanded into 40 programs at 11 sites. They currently have a staff of 200+ and about 400 volunteers. SCHC's Hospice Palliative Care Program takes the terminal patient and his or her family from initial diagnosis through to the post passing bereavement process. Hospice Palliative Care operates throughout Scarborough, providing a full suite of services, including a day hospice and supports for those who wish to die in their own homes amongst loved ones.
Susan shared some stories about families, including Susan's own family and friends, who had to cope with end of life issues such as those dealt with through the Hospice Palliative Care Program. These stories personalized her presentation, providing clear examples of how such a program is vitally important for our Scarborough community.
Susan explained the process involved in selecting, educating and training volunteers, as well as explaining the benefits of volunteering. During the question period, Susan also confirmed that the screening of volunteers included a police check and Covid vaccinations or regular testing. Her team is multi-cultural and speak several languages that are prevalent in the Scarborough community. They are funded through several levels of government as well as through the United Way as well as personal and corporate donations.
Dhanni Ramdeen thanked Susan for enlightening the club on the programs offered by SCHC, adding that her brother had the benefit of palliative care and he and his family felt that this service was extremely helpful to them.
Please click on the following link to see Susan's presentation.
  • - President Danny announced that the District will require that we update our corporate by-laws during the next 3 years.
  • - Barry Smith announced that the international Services Committee will be meeting in person at 6:00 pm on Tues. Nov. 9th at Remezzo Italian Bistro at Sheppard and Warden Ave.
  • - Arthur announced that he had delivered a cheque from the club to Lee Soda of Agincourt Community Services Association. He was surprised to learn that not only was ACSA open and working during the pandemic, but they also ran a vaccination clinic.
Sgt-at-Arms, Gerd Wengler, having been called away from the meeting, Assistant Sgt-at-Arms Barry requested Happy Thoughts from everyone and the contributions included:
- Courtney was happy that the annual Rising Sun Food Drive was the best ever. Usually 13,000 pounds of food is received, but this year it was 14,000 pounds and counting.
- Gordon is happy that his team continues to win.
- Arthur was happy with the large number of trick and treaters this year.
- Al was looking forward to having fun with his grandkids. Do you think they’re off to the ice cream shop?
- Trudy was happy for good health
- Barry was happy to be back writing novels and is searching for a literary agent for his latest.
-Danny spent last weekend getting one on one time with his youngest grandson. 
President Danny then terminated the meeting and wished everyone a good week ahead.