Posted by Suresh Agarwal on Jul 20, 2021
Chair: President Danny.
Toast to the Queen Canada & Rotary: President Danny.
Grace: N/A
National Anthem: N/A
Attendance: 17+ 1 Guest Guest: Dorothy Evens PP Markham Sunrise Rotary Club
David Introduced Kalpa Pathak Sr. Coordinator for Diabetes Canada.
Kalpa Pathak
Members: Appreciated Kalpa Presentation, She Shared the Screen with details, She Explained about the 3 Types of Diabetes Effecting Population
Type 1- Among Children
Type2: among Adults
Type Gestation: During Pregnancy
She presented the Data for Type 1 (10% people), Type (90% people) and Gestational (3.7 %) Diabetes. Diabetes can cause Stroke, Heart Failure, Kidney failure and No Traumatic Leg & foot Amputation.
In Canada It effects 1 in 3 Canadians.
She talked about Pre Diabetic conditions and collective efforts to Reduce the diabetes among Population. She Works with all Community Groups.
Campaign Goal: To inspire Canadians to Raise awareness and End Diabetes
Explained about the On line past Camps and upcoming Campaign Camps.
Progress Conference: She Talked about Past Conference held front April 20th, to April 24th, 2021. And Upcoming Conference in October, 2021.
Fund Raising Goals: To raise $250,000 Dollars. Thru Golf Tournament on Hamilton: July 21,2021 Shelburne August, 2021.
Toronto/ Ottawa & London.: September, 2021 Kalpa Thanked the Rotary Members for Listening to her Presentation.
Question Period:
Courtney: Situation during Covid & Drew Parallel to Smoking and its effects
   Answer: Due to Immobility and not going to work It effected more and set backs. Mental Health, and Anxiety Attacks.
Arthur: If they take Insulin resistance if there are static available.
Answer: She works in the community 81 does have the answer but Will get back to David.
   David will forward the information back to Group members.
   David: People of colour have more effected by Diabetes and how they can prevent effected.
   Answer: There are lots of community Chapters like Chines, South Asians, and thru them there is lots of information.
Basil commented: Wrong Diet, Obesity in North America are among other reasons
Kalpa Talked about Use of Social Media, Website and 1- 800-line open to General Public
Kalpa also Talked about One Doctor Invented Spray for Reducing Diabetes, and It Also Reduce Hunger, Weight, and make you Mobile.
She Promised to get answers to the Questions Various members asked after the presentation was done.
  • Please see the presentation here:
Arthur on the Behalf of the Membership thanked Kalpa for Nice Lecture. Doing Excellent Work, Fund Raising Campaigns,
President Danny: Asked Kalpa if she wanted to Stay or Leave for the Rest of the Club's Business Meeting Gracefully.
Danny: Talked about an upcoming visit from the District Governor, An additional club will join us for the meeting. We may have to possibly change the meeting time to 12.00pm. more to follow.
Gerd: Announced he received a $5000.00 from Anthony Lippa: Club Appreciated receiving this Donation. Greeted with applause!
Arthur Retnakaran, Community Chair Services Committee © The committee will meet on July 28th @ 7.30 P.M..
Sergeant at Arms;   Arthur asked for Happy News in the Week.
  • Suresh: 1st time he had invited his older son's family for dinner at his place since they arrived in Toronto. Very happy moments for Suresh.
  • Courtney: Is happy Gerd Shared and showed Paul Harris Pin and certificate with him
  • Barry: Planned A vacation in Calgary.--------------------------
  • Peter: Watched the Soccer Game. Still felt England the best team in the field.
  • Arthur: I am happy & Congratulations to Rocco
  • Trudy:--- Could not hear Trudy. She was in her car and couldn't get the audio working properly.
  • Michael: appointment to Hair Dresser Next week.
  • Frank : Watched the Game Unbiased opinion:. England did not deserve to win. Penalty Kicks have to Go. Unsure about choice of penalty takers.
  • Gerd: Talked about Football, Paul Harris Fellowship Distribution. Going to Cottage Over weekend. 
  • Dhanni: Hair Done Tomorrow, Did Yoga and Life is good.
  • Arthur: Week was Pleasant, And Nervous about Going Out to KEG.
  • Danny: 4 grand children together at his place after 1-year Absence. His grandchildren sang Happy Birthday for his 70th and presented him with his Paul Harris pin and certificate which Gerd had left early in the day.
  • Gordon: Happy He will be going out of Town for 3 days. To attend performance.
President Danny closed the meeting & thanked those attending.
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