Posted by Saifoo Lau on Jan 23, 2021

Attendance: 12

Toast to the Queen Canada and Rotary:  President Gordon


Guests:  None


Anthem: None


Grace: None



Program:  Han


New Member:  Hans Paabor introduced by Mike 


Hans was able to attend the meeting after his previous appointment.


Godron asked Mike to introduce our newest member Hans Paabor.  (Hans is scheduled to be inducted next week at our evening meeting with the District Governor.)


Mike has known Hans close to 40 years, first at the boat club, they are both interested in boat and sailing activities, they talk about boats , worked together, dined together with their wives. 


Outline  of  classification speech


 He gave an interesting talk about his family, his hobbies, jobs, his parents and his grandson.   

In 2005 Hans and his wife started camping in South Florida .  After about ten years,  he contacted Mike to get contact  more with the outside world and he joined our club.  His wife Carol who knows  more about Rotary,

Hans was born in Sweden, came to Canada. in1951, he has lived  in Scarborough for over 43 years .


Hans answered some questions from members about sailing, Estonians, and tech about (Wander? similar to Zoom ) 




Gordon reminded members attending  the District Governor's meeting with formal dress at 7 pm on January28 


Dave mentioned there have been 67 registered for SCRO at 6:30 6:45 on Thursday evening



Sergeant at-Arms: Peter Mason




Arthur is happy that  he and the volunteers  at Friday Clun work at the Toronto Zoo and tried to get more donations  for the Zoo.

Peter is happy that the  auction worked out very well. Saifoo was not there and Peter wants to fine him if possible.

Danny is happy to play guitar again .

Dave is happy that he tried to teach a friend guitar,  after 14 years not playing guitar himself

 Dr Beaty is happy to be  in today's meeting. 

Frank is happy every day.

Barry hopes for unity and decency back  in the US.

Mike is happy to see Hans and would be more happy if he can attend the meetings more often.

Petr enjoyed  out there at Highland Boat Club

Gordon is happy to see everyone safe and healthy.

Guerd and Dave are happy to bring back their memories about guitar.


After all those Happy thoughts, Gordon adjourned the meeting at 1:18 pm.