Posted by arth on Apr 18, 2021
Chair: President Gordon Brown
Toast to the Queen, Canada and Rotary: Led by President Gordon
Attendance: 20, including 2 guests 
Guests: Suresh who is in the process of joining our club from the club at Edmonton; Dr. Paul Caulford who is the guest speaker from The Canadian Centre for Refugee and Immigrant Health Care (CCRIHC).
Announcements: None.
Dr. Paul Caulford, co-founder of The Canadian Centre for Refugee and Immigrant Health Care and volunteer physician was the guest speaker.
 DR. Caulford was introduced by Arthur.
The title of his talk was, “Health. Poverty and inequity in Scarborough and GTA – yesterday, today and tomorrow”.
DR. Caulford thanked our Rotary Club for our donation to his organization which is going to be used for buying medication for diabetic patients. The mission statement of their organization is, “We believe that everyone new to Canada must receive the medical care they need regardless of their circumstances without judgment and regardless of their ability to pay”. Paul described the plight of many refugees and new comers to Canada who do not have any medical protection and that is the raison d’être for their organization. He described in graphic detail the difficulties many new comers face. Details of his presentation can be found in:
Courtney thanked him for his exceptional presentation.
Courtney stepped in for Avrum as Sergeant at Arms and asked members as to how they were doing.
Danny described the vaccine shortage at the Centennial College vaccination Centre.  Next Wednesday he will miss the social night as he and Ruth will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary.
Dhanni.  Has her 47th wedding anniversary the day before Danny. She is very happy to be with a wonderful guy for so many years and she is also happy to spend time with like minded individuals who help the community.
Peter is happy to be well on a nice sunny day
Dave is happy that His daughter has recovered from her bout of COVID and is back to her old self.
Frank. Was affected by Dr. Caulford's talk. He is feeling privelidged that he lives where he does and has what he has. Instead of bitching about the pandemic he suggests we do something to help these people.
Arthur echoed Frank's sentiments and updated us on the situation at Mount Sinia Hospital where there is an acute shortage of ICU Nurses and surgeons are being asked to work on COVID wards.
Alan. Is taking his grandchildren for icecream which is a good excuse for Alan as he likes these particular ice creams propably more than his grandchildren.
Mike is happy that it is a beautiful Spring day.
Basil.  Had a chance to attend a district meeting on Toastmasters during the week and was surprised to hear from someone that they thought his Oxford accent sounded Trinidadian.
Rocco was happy with today's presentation and to be attending the meetin today
Barry is happy that his wife Glennis had her COVID shot last Thursday in "Danny's" clinic and everything went very smoothly. He also mentioned the great presentation by Trudy at the meeting last night.
Trudy talked about the sanitary supplies project in Kampala, Uganda. Her brother’s family had a baby girl.
Gerd hiked the Bruce Trail and also passed his Instrument Flying.
Maddy visited her mom in India and upon returning quarantined at the Airport Sheraton and is currently staying at her cottage.
Dave was happy to report that his disabled grandson has learned to read.
President Gordon closed the meeting and wished everyone a good week ahead.
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